Based in North Devon we are specialists in recycling, waste disposal and hazardous waste disposal. We offer a complete waste disposal solution including skip hire, recycling, hazardous material removal, scrap recycling and waste electrical recycling. We offer short and long term solutions for trade and domestic customers. Contact us today to discuss your waste disposal requirements and to get a quote for any of our services.


Skip Hire

We offer skip hire in Barnstaple and across Devon with collection and delivery available to all sites.  We have a transfer station, weighbridge and tipping facilities on site, whilst offering a wide range of skip and wheelie bin sizes and types to hire. We can collect, deliver and sort out any size skip hire for your needs. We provide commercial waste collection, recycling and recovery, and the ability to handle hazardous waste such as asbestos.


Scrap Metals

We offer a complete scrap metal recycling service and will offer you a great price on your unwanted metals. You can deliver to our location outside of Barnstaple or we can arrange collections directly from your location. The transport costs are deducted from your scrap value so costs to you can be minimised. Our professional staff can help collect and sort your metal and our weighing station helps ensure you get the right price.


Cardboard & Plastic

In the majority of cases, cardboard and plastic make up a vast proportion of the waste produced by businesses. With more products being ordered on-line than ever before cardboard boxes and plastics packaging are becoming a significant percentage of the waste that companies are producing, and consequently it needs to be recycled. We can arrange collection of your waste on a regular basis to keep your business running smoothly.


Scrap Car Recycling

When you need to scrap your broken or unwanted car in Barnstaple or surrounding districts, then Newbery Recycling is here to assist and advise you along the way. We are fully licensed and registered to deal with your scrap car and will ensure your car is disposed of professionally, safely and legally meeting environmental standards. You can deliver your car directly to our weighing in station or we can collect with the value being deducted from your scrap value.


Hazardous Waste Disposal

Newbery Recycling is able to facilitate the safe collection and removal of your hazardous waste at very competitive prices. We can offer bespoke waste removal solutions across Devon and the South West to ensure that you or your company adequately meet your legal responsibilities to treat and dispose of your hazardous waste properly using a professional, licensed company.


Trade Waste Services

We are able to provide a comprehensive professional waste and disposal service to the businesses in Devon and the surrounding area. As a licensed waste carrier, we offer safe storage, transportation and disposal of your waste in compliance with the terms of the Environmental Protection Act.


Sand & Aggregates Supplier

We stock a large range of sands and aggregates from our central location in Barnstaple. Sand and aggregates are available at our location or we can deliver anywhere in Devon.


Contact Us

Contact us today to discuss your waste disposal requirements and to get a quote for any of our services.