Card and Platics

Cardboard & Plastic Recycling Centre in Devon

In the majority of cases, cardboard and plastic make up a huge proportion of the waste produced by businesses. With more products being ordered on-line than ever before cardboard boxes and plastics packaging are becoming a significant percentage of the waste that companies are producing and consequently it needs to be recycled.

In today’s age of a greener environment, every employer has a duty of care under UK law to manage the waste their business produces respectively.

Recycling Carboard & Plastic

The cardboard and plastics recycling services that we provide not only aids the environment but can also turn your cardboard waste into a valuable resource, saving your organisation time and money and contributing to a greener environment for all.

Due to the large quantity of cardboard and plastics waste that organisations produce, many businesses struggle to maintain regular recycling patterns due to the lack of recycling facilities provided to them. Many companies admit to neglecting their cardboard recycling due to not having the appropriate facilities to store and dispose of cardboard waste.

Recycling Services for Businesses

At Newbery, Recycling we can provide your business with that effective cardboard and plastics recycling solution today to ensure that your business gains the benefits of recycling.

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