Scrap Car Recycling


We can collect all types of vehicles with our recovery and crane lorries at no extra cost!!!

When you need to scrap your broken or unwanted car in Barnstaple or surrounding districts, then Newbery Recycling is here to assist and advise you along the way.

We are fully licensed and registered to deal with your scrap car and will ensure your car is disposed of professionally, safely and legally meeting environmental standards. Our facilities are regulated and run in such a way that we assure your scrap car is fully de-polluted and recycled in a safe manner.

Our Car Scrapping Process

Our process of recycling a car is as follows:

  • The outer fo the car is depolluted and stored correctly, to help stop with contamination.
  • Any fluids that are in the car are removed by draining and then safely disposed of. This includes petrol or diesel, oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid and gearbox fluids.
  • Any reusable parts are removed, cleaned up and then available at our yard.
  • Any remaining parts that cannot be reused are removed.
  • The remainder of the vehicle is crushed or shredded before being recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Newbury Recycling offers you peace of mind and ensures you the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your vehicle.

After you bring your car to us, we dismantle it, clean and test all of the parts. We recycle and reuse any working parts to prevent your scrap car ending up in a landfill.

Scrap Car Certificate of Destruction

At no extra cost, we will issue a certificate of destruction.

This is a legal requirement and may be requested by the DVLA. All end of life vehicles is processed electronically via the DVLA website.